Monday, August 11, 2008

To Draw or not to Draw that is the question..!!

Please don't take me to be a pervert of some sort but one question has always bothered me while practicing do i deal with is no easy way to say i will just blurt it out..HOW DO DEAL WITH DRAWING GENITALS !!! while drawing a male or female anatomy..I do understand the necessity to draw strategically and politically correct poses, but its too hard to hit bulls eye all the time,so While i safely avoid drawing certain parts of human anatomy..the end result seems to have something missing, and if i draw those looks too explicit..!! So,i am always in a dilemma and every time my pencil reaches below the waist (of my drawings...obviously).. i gasp, understanding the predicament i am about to get my self into.., the exprianced artist have the ability to make everything look good cause they have a very clear and sound understanding of aesthetics, but for an ameture like me, aesthetics are the last thing on the mind, getting the muscles right is primary and the foremost thing, How on Earth shall i deal with this situation I need some help from all you co- blogger who keep scanning my blog, Kamal, Chandan,Naresh, Safdar,Jesu ..anyone..!!


R.Kamal said...

Refer to old master's works...people like Michelangelo, Caravaggio.Also try to study the classic painters works of the 19th century John William Waterhouse, William Bouguereau works.
Refer to the site

start a sketchbook thread in www.concept and see, study from other artists work.these are the things will improve your understanding of human figure drawing in better way.

try to bring the sense of beauty in whatever you draw. it maybe a small leaf, or it couldbe a screw wishes.

aroop said...

hey thanks Kamal..i did looked all this ppl on the net, no wonder they are called the old masters..i am feeling highly inspired now..thanks a lots man..!!

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