Sunday, June 04, 2006

Misadventure of Aroop Dwivedi

Aroop Dwivedi born in 1976 in a small village called Shivdin Purwa in Central UP, always enjoyed the pleasure of most rustic upbringing ad mist the cows, goats, lakes, ducks, mango grooves,tube wells and the co villagers relieving themselves under open sky, Initially interested in playing cricket for the country, he had to ditch the ambition because of a serious accident that took place involving him and his schools windowpane ,the whole series of event culminated with him being expelled from the school. His illiterate self without an ambition in his life and without education, started to communicate with people through drawings..his another interest was digging nose,which kept his right hand busy throughout the day therefore leaving his two feet's and his left hand to draw, he tried drawing with all the three and then decided that drawing with left hand is easier, cause that way he can also draw when he is walking.
Within several days, he mastered the art of drawing with his left hand and became a prodigy in his village, where people never thought that the left hand is supposed to be used for anything other than ..Er..personal hygiene . Later in 1978 National Geographic did a feature on him called"The Human Evolution and the Missing Link" where he played the 'missing link' and Forrest Gump played 'Evolution' ..through the unperturbed popularity greatly owed to this show, he was able to receive enough grants to continue his education in a big city near his village.
For the next few years things changed fast and Aroop Dwivedi acquired various new talents, some of which are Eating with Spoon, tying shoelaces, cracking an egg, tying a windsor knot, pissing standing upright, and a rather grotesque use of paper(read tissue).
It was only in 1998 that his love for drawing resurfaced when during an uneventful evening he had an epiphany by a goddess dressed in a fur coat and wearing a zig zag hair parting on her head, she then went on to challenge him to compete or perish..he ,too scared to do either, ran away from home yet again,it was only than that he realized his true destiny was to draw, draw and draw and since his destiny had more than one 'draw' in it, he ended up in Animation (his folks at home still call it ammunition). and he had been drawing ever since.
He loves cartoons so much that he has married some one whom he thinks is Lola Bunny..!!but who actually is a Russian Spy trying to involve him in a huge conspiracy against the Outsourced American Animation work in India and also trying to steal his eternal secret of drawing with left hand.

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