Friday, February 29, 2008


I have tried thematic sketching this time and decided to take up "fear" as my theme for these particular sketches.

My co-blogger and friend Kamal suggested me to make the second drawing look a little more i made few changes to it above and i am posting it again.

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

more Drawings

Well..Here are few more drawings i did today,I have decided that i will keep studying male Anatomy for next few days and then will start with female Anatomy..and while i am at it, i will keep posting the better sketches on my blog , right now i am using combination of approaches..i have followed Andre Loomis for the Anatomy part of the drawing..but for construction (armature) i am following Burne Hogarth (using boxes and putting them in perspective) i have found this hybrid approach to be very convenient especially for somebody who cant comfortably translate his thoughts on paper through drawings, here ..following this combination, with little bit of planning , you can easily draw the most complicated of foreshortenings.

better viewed when full screen.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Back in Action

Have been hibernating for sometime, there had been lot of stuff i needed to read up cause i was feeling extremly uninspired lately, i have got myself into a habit of buying books and keeping them for a later date for reading, i had been doing this since last one year and didn't read a single book, until i realized the same, and therefore i resolved to take some time off, from my everyday schedule and start reading them..had been doing the same for last 6 months, finished reading "Kite Runner", "Roald Dahl Omnibus", "Styajit Rays :Adventure of Feluda", "", "Story by Robert Mckee" and a few others. Now since i am done with them..i am back to my drawing board and here are a few quickies to start with, trust me..this will get better with time.

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