Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Kerela - The lighter side of life.

When you are backpacking across a state,you sometimes get more than you can bargain for,not just the knowledge of there culture or photographs of immensely beautiful places in and around but some smaller details like for example this particular photograph that i am posting here separately,its by far the funniest film poster i have seen..

i mean, who puts a half naked Police officer caught with his pants down on a film poster..seriously..if this is not funny, then i dont know what is.

Kerela Reloaded.

Another trip to Cochin, another set of photographs- this place is Fort Cochin,Fort Cochin is the site of the St. Francis church which was built in 1510 by five Portuguese priests who arrived with Albuquerque. This church, said to be the oldest European church built in India, was the original burial site for Vasco da Gama in 1524 (Fourteen years later his mortal remains were exhumed and sent to Lisbon, Portugal.) Later the church was successively taken over by the Dutch in 1633, the British (when it became the Anglican Church) and, finally, the Church of South India. Telling this hoary history are gravestones inside the church as sell as an 18th century register of marriages and baptisms.

Also in Fort Cochin is the Santa Cruz Cathedral, a Roman Catholic church close to the St. Francis Church, also built by the Portuguese. It is said to have suffered severe damage when the British fought with the Dutch to take control of Cochin. Its attractions include some beautiful paintings and a decorative ceiling.
Unfortunetly-when we visited the Church, i had already exhausted all the battery of my camera,and therefore wasnt able to click any photographs there..but on my next trip i shall do a exclusive on St.Francis Church.

Friday, March 09, 2007


This is a photograph that i came across recently, i was told that its of a shop in Bihar, i don't care where ever it is from..its just down right hilarious.

Relax..!! I think they mean " CHILLED BEER"

Monday, March 05, 2007

Thought i died and gone to heaven.

I havent been posting for long..as i got a little busy at work,but the payoff was highly rewarding as i got a chance to see a lot of Kerela (Cochin especially), i am just posting a couple of snaps which i felt relevant for this blog..have a look and envy me cause i was there.. :D

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