Monday, March 05, 2007

Thought i died and gone to heaven.

I havent been posting for i got a little busy at work,but the payoff was highly rewarding as i got a chance to see a lot of Kerela (Cochin especially), i am just posting a couple of snaps which i felt relevant for this blog..have a look and envy me cause i was there.. :D


Indira said...

what were doin there?

Indira said...

I meant what were u doin there?im so sleepy rt now :(

aroop said...

lol..indira,my head office is in Cochin..i was there to take lectures on Animation theories and application for the MCA and PGDBA students..i think you had been working too hard and you need little more than a need a break-go to cochin

jesukiran said...

beautiful place and snaps.. i like the second one.
Thanks aroop kind of comments, but iam not that good i took some reference too.
i think i know u n met u before ???

lostinarc said...

Hi aroop,thanks for visiting my blog..yeh u r right these r not my asusual creation...these r for 3d series realy wanted to creat some character like b4..but stuck in my production...lets see if i can do any near whats up at yur end..nice picture from bro is there he is doing his diploma in also planing to visit

kamal anjelo said... you've reminded me of

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