Thursday, August 02, 2012

Silicon India Animation Summit

Earlier this year, i got a chance to speak in Silicon India's Animation Conference, my topic was Contemporary  Animation Technique and Indian culture, with 30 minutes cutoff, i tried my best to cover everything i can.

the above link has the presentation, unfortunately the Videos won't load.

Animation ShortFilms

After 2 and a half year hiatus in research and development wing of my organization, finally i got back to teaching , This had been the most exciting 6 months of my life- a couple of students film that got made under my supervision have shown a lot of potential. Thought i will share them here.

Abegetiar Beloi - A good ol fashioned, makes you feel good animation short that knows its audience well, its a Assame Musical.

Monetalis- A deep thought provoking look at the evolution of money.

The Film Abegetiar Beloi was lauched through Animation Xpress, who have been kind enough to cover the film and its potential (following is the article)

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