Saturday, June 21, 2008

Film Vocabulary

Film vocabulary is a collection of film, directors and Actors name and there meanings in the modern world, do feel free to add to the list. Maybe with your support we can publish the 2nd Volume of this list soon enough.

Picnic at Hanging Rock - Disappearing without a trace.

Heavens Gate - Miserable failure.

Thelma and Luise syndrome- Inability to complete a phrase or a sentence.

Mulholland Driveistic - extremely convulsed and complicated.

Memento-ish - Too difficult to remember or recollect, habit of forgetting things.

Glengherry Glenross - a very well written, non-pornographic literature with reoccurring explicit words mostly starting with the alphabet 'F' .

Bergman-ing- Choosing not to talk, staring at a void without blinking, going around doing your daily chores at half the usual speed.

Bogarting - Habit of lighting up a cigarette before you start a conversation and never smoke it.

Black Dahlia - A beautiful, intricate work of craft with someones shit all over it.

Jodha Akbar- Something that has a start but no end.

Audition-ing - Making a huge life altering mistake, getting married.

Diliveranced - Aftermath of your not being able to meet any given dead line at work

StarWars (Episode1)-ed - Somebody's beautiful ,intricate work of craft with his own shit all over it.

Last Tango in Paris - Having sex backwards.

Caligula- Somebody out with a death wish to die from AIDS

Titanic - A huge architecture (with some one naked on the top)

Bad Taste - Art of sallowing your own barf (also known as :doing a Baruah)

Brokeback Mountain - a condition in which a individual is a homosexual and doesnt knows it while everyone else in the world does.

Crying Game- A game in which you are suppose to shock your opponent out of his wits

Abhisheking - A condition in which a person doesnt talks, always frowns and scoff , tries hard to look like a cardboard cutout thinking all the here mentioned traits makes him look cool

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