Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Kerela - The lighter side of life.

When you are backpacking across a state,you sometimes get more than you can bargain for,not just the knowledge of there culture or photographs of immensely beautiful places in and around but some smaller details like for example this particular photograph that i am posting here separately,its by far the funniest film poster i have seen..

i mean, who puts a half naked Police officer caught with his pants down on a film poster..seriously..if this is not funny, then i dont know what is.


kamal anjelo said...

Embarrassingly cheap...what happen to malayalam movie makers?looks like they lost sense after shakeela retired...Lol

aroop said...

i know..its unfortunate..if it was some other state..there had been a row over such poster..however,as they say..dont judge a book by its cover..you should not judge the film by its poster..since Malyalam films are invariably good and very sensitive..i was just trying to highlight the humour and i dont intend to read between the lines ..even if something exists there..lol

Indira said...

LOL! how creative :O).LOL LOL

Jafar said...

Its Hilarious....and I'm sure this movie has nothing to do with the type of sensitive malyalam films you're talking about. This, in fact, is in a class of its own!

PS: Poor fellow...Looks like he's so proud of himself doing that stuff!!

jesukiran said...


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