Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Back in Action

Have been hibernating for sometime, there had been lot of stuff i needed to read up cause i was feeling extremly uninspired lately, i have got myself into a habit of buying books and keeping them for a later date for reading, i had been doing this since last one year and didn't read a single book, until i realized the same, and therefore i resolved to take some time off, from my everyday schedule and start reading them..had been doing the same for last 6 months, finished reading "Kite Runner", "Roald Dahl Omnibus", "Styajit Rays :Adventure of Feluda", "", "Story by Robert Mckee" and a few others. Now since i am done with them..i am back to my drawing board and here are a few quickies to start with, trust me..this will get better with time.


R.Kamalakannan said...

These are good, especially the first and third. But i suggest you to work on thick leads rather than the mechanical pencil.

as the strong physical qualities of the characters will comeout better and solid.Just my thought!

aroop said...

thanks of now i am doing my muscle study..therefore i am using thinner and lighter lines to work up to armature and then later finishing it with a 2B lead..i know what you mean..but before i switch over to my charcoal or 8B ..i need a little more time to work on the anatomy part of it so that i can start feeling confident..!!

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