Friday, August 08, 2008

Bouncing back

Past few months had been real difficult, not that i am dealing with a family crisis or anything, its the feeling of being creatively drained out, inability to take a pencil and draw something, even the doodles are unsatisfactory,looking at a sheet of blank paper gets me tired and exasperated,the whole photography gear starts to look like a bad investment and although there are films to watch,i just watch them like a turnip,i dont enjoy them, i end up watch them to kill time.., the overpowering feeling of absolute voidness, how hard you try to overcome,reverts back as a quicksand you are stuck in and keeps dragging you down.
A few years early, this used to get me in a state of panic.. but i have gotten wiser with time and assessed that this condition is like an influenza or viral infection that surfaces twice every i do not panic , i just let it overcome me..and while i am in a state of recluse, i spend time reading..and gradually it withers away, i have come to realize that the only way to bounce back is to hit the rock bottom..and the harder i try to get out of this patch the more i am delaying my here is me bouncing back..

PS : i owe a lot to Mr.Siju Thomas , whom i have never met in person but whose drawings have always been a source of inspiration.


Phani Tetali said...

cool, dude. Way to go !!! (and I'll follow you soon... its been the same here)

aroop said...

thanks Sir..i have been eagerly waiting for your blog updates..looking forward to them now.. :)

Helterskelterrr said...

How do you know Siju Thomas??

aroop said...

@ helterskelter
The Place where i come from, everyone knows the legend of Siju they also know yours.. "Who can it be now..??" ;)

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