Friday, March 21, 2008

There is nothing that Vijay"cant" ..its always vijay"can"

The mother of all Tamil films..if you thought there is any such thing called "Masala Films" you have not seen Captain Prabhakarna as yet..where masala films ends, thats where "Captain Prabhakarn" is the script of the film is a nut shell

" Bang bang bang bang Ratttatataaaataaaataaaa dishoom dishoom dishoom dishoom bang Ratttatta dishoom swish swish Argggghhhhh sob sob sob sob bang bang dishoom dishoom dishoom tooooootttttt whishwoosh wishwoosh wishwoosh wishwoosh bang bang wishwoosh bang bang wishwoosh bang bang wish woosh bang bang bang bang dishoom dishoom dishoom dishoom Rattttaaattttaaaataaaaa Bang Bang Bang Bang KAPLOOOWWWWWW Arggghhhhhhhaaa..THE END..!!"

which means you will not need subtitles to understand the film..its the simplest film you could ever see..Get it, Dummy..!!

PS : Thanks Kamal ...!!


R.Kamalakannan said...

Machaa...simply wonderful, and i love this!

R.Kamalakannan said...

keep signing your work, or else someone will do

aroop said...

:D made me watch the film.. :D

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