Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sam an Me

Episode 03

Episode 02

Episode 01

Sam is .. A 7 ft X 4 ft (28 square feet) dude, extremely imaginative, loves to draw and believes that a pencil and a sketch book are not stationary but are actually an extension to his body..he loves to think and imagine and doesnt speaks much, an absolute animal lover, he loves animal so much that he likes to Christian the chicken on chicken pizza before he eats it..loves watching animation films,riding pillion with friends and riding himself whenever dads not looking, loves drinking beer and philosophy, drawing and animals and drawing animals

"ME" is 4ft X 1ft (4 square feet) dude, friend of Sam,speaks a lot thinks little, always trying to score with ladies (he thinks he is a Casanova)believes he can not be part of any comic script cause he is too good to be a sidekick and too bad to be a super hero, he loves booze, more booze,a little more booze,a lot more booze.. loves to throw up in his friends home, and piss on road side.. has a steady girlfriend and lives out of her purse..a true scum of the highest order, is awfully scared of heights so much so that he decided against growing taller after he became 4 ft.

Preston and Blair are two German Shepard's that Sam has, Sam has them since he was 5..and when he got them Sam thought them to be a horse and wanted to ride them to the school..Preston and Blair loves to Sleep,Watch Television and Hate "ME".

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R.Kamalakannan said...

episode 1 : apart from the spot on caricature style cartoons, the dog looks so cute, he couldbe a character in animated film.and he thinks WTF thats ultimate...Lol

episode 2 : that guy is obsessed with a cat even in a terrible situation like that, That is sam for you!Hilarious!

episode 3 : i dont think he will runout of animals, ever!but is that we both! cool!!!

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