Friday, January 04, 2008

press pressure

I had been following a story doing rounds in tabloids regarding two NRI ladies getting molested in Mumbai on the eve of the new year, at Juhu..It has been a sad incident, but what has been more saddening is the voyeuristic attitude of two photographers who where there from the time the whole scuffle started..its unfortunate to see the media exploiting somebodies personal tragedy for there own gain and TRPs.

The photographs would have worked as an evidence against the perpetrators even if they have not been circulated all over the media. Off late you can easily see that free and fair journalism has become a story of the past. The Media is starting to take sides and that day is not far when for the sake of sensationalizing journalism they would become a party to an act that may lead to a news report..

so on a less serious note, here is my take at our Media :


Sheetal said...


This is a post that demands attention .Though the story has its own tragedy of molestation ,we got to think beyond the frame.Is Journalism truly the voice of the voiceless????Who acts as the lost ball in the high weeds?-the public or the media? ...You did a good work in selecting this issue ,as it is one such incident that demands our action today,for a better tomorrow.

aroop said...

thanks for your far as journalism is concerned..i dont think it has remained journalism anymore..with so much of money and advertisement behind the media..its hard to be fair and unbiased for any channel..the channels have become the mouthpeices of certain political parties and corporate houses with there vested interests..but the most unfortunate fact is that the viewer has actually become an alibi in the whole, the more SMS you send or more you watch a particular story you are helping the channel to increase there TRPs , unknowingly and unwittingly participating in it is a vicious circle.

amit said...

no doubt about that its a good post at the right time, but in my opinion its our social society who is encouraging so called Media to cover up the news like that or making the news out of nothing. Because people like us always do the SMS & e-mail to their news. And as u mentioned, this is just the beginning Media & journalism will definitely go beyond that.Let's see what happens in coming years.

R.Kamal said...

Good one...the cartoon reflects the media's (read private news channels)attitude today, towards society...and how it exploits the society and gains out of that.

R.Kamal said...

Also i would equally blame the females who follow the western culture mindlessly.

Dress up scantily, then boozing, going out in the extremely odd hours in nights.

Feminism, women liberation is not in boozing and dressing up scantily and smoking.Its about self-respect...if todays females realize this, many issues like these willbe avoided.

aroop said...

i think everybody has a right to live the way they want to..but lets face the facts..the society is still not as progressive as it seems and the fairer sex is always on a receiving end..scantily dressed or not but i would never suggest my sister or girlfrnd or wife ;) to venture out at those odd hours in the night ..especially when that particular city have history of crimes against women and incidentally witnessed a very similar incident last year at Gate way of India..But then lets call a spade a spade, the humiliation those women suffered can not be pinned to anything they should have done or not cant even blame the police for was a domino which small action by lot of individual culminated into a big incident.

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