Monday, January 07, 2008


Buknorism : an extremly fatal condition leading to loss of hearing, vision and responses to stimuli ,that occurs because of being exposed to severe environments of profanity and excessive aggression. Symptoms usually includes perennial precipitation and recurring loss of body fluids

Amit ,my colleague at work made a very interesting observation about the way India played in Sydney, he stated that without prejudice this is the best performance given by India ever in any test match because against all odds they were actually able to play the game till the fifth day..but then playing against Australia is never easy who have just proved they are world champions not just in cricket but every thing else as well ;)

(Nigger is sometimes used amongst working class Australians, when used in a casual sense between friends or work colleagues of both white and mixed race. )

the reason i mention this is in the given context is because i dont want the cartoon to be misconstrued as racial and derogatory in any manner.


amit said...

i love this post. Your sketch is enough to give the idea about what's has happened in Sydney test and on the top of it first five line is adding beauty to this post.

aroop said...

thanks Amit :)

Sheetal said...

That waz an amazing post.I always admired the way u picturize events.Hatz off to ur imagination BOSS

aroop said...

BOSS in Shivaji- Bachelor of Social service ..LOLZ..Thanks for ur sweet comment..

R.Kamal said...

Buknorism!Hahaha...well done!good post...and very apt for the subject...someone said that Steve Bucknor shouldbe given punishment to watch saawaria 22 times in a row.

But after seeing this post now, i realize whats his problem actually...he should watch Black instead 44 times...Lol

R.Kamal said...

it wouldbe great to see a Andrew Symonds's caricature from you!Ofcourse with Bhajji & Bucknor along with him :)

aroop said...

@ Kamal..Black..umm maybe not..there was a film called BOOM if you remember..with Kathrina kaif,Madhu Sapre, Amitabh Bacchhan and Javed Jaffery..i think watching it once isenough, 22 times will leave a effect on genarations to come ;)

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