Friday, July 03, 2009

Guess who is Back..!!

Hah... Back Finally, I am sorry for my long absence, But its better late than never..Isn't it.??, so although this image may not look much, and this is obviously not the first illustration i have done with this theme(1930, Mob, Gangster, Mafia) but this is the first one in which i have caricatured my colleagues to pose as one. Do care to comment.

Oh just in case you are wondering why its called "insane CT" , C&T is the department i am working for, its expanded to Content and Training.. :)


Phani Tetali said...

This is nice, Aroop! Welcome back to blogosphere!

Nice sketch, though I don't know most of them, I could instantly recognize Ram and Arun.

Keep them posts coming!


vibhuti pandya said...

Hi Aroop,

Very nice sketch. I like all the caricatures. I recognized u easily............great work, Keep it up.


Vibhuti Pandya

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