Thursday, July 03, 2008

WTF 2..!!

Yesterday, there was this major hit and run incident very close to our office, A car trying to make a U- turn was hit by another speeding car, the perpetrators didn't even slowed down ,hitting a Bajaj Pulser which was parked on the curb, while they tried to getaway..the other car went into a spin but fortunately enough, was able to pull over just in time without hurting any passer by.. By Indian standards its was a clean getaway for the guy driving the other car, as there wasn't a way that heat could have caught up to him..and by the time the victim got his composure back, they (the perpetrators) have gotten far far away..
But, here is the thing that elevates this particular incident from the other hit and run i have witnessed- the perpetrators somehow managed to leave there rear fender stuck to the victims car, to make things even worse..they managed to leave the rear fender behind with there license plate stuck on it..

Define Irony now..!!


toonist said...

realy a good one and very rare shot. take a print and keep it in your album :)

aroop said...

thanks toonist..i am glad you liked it.. thanks again

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