Thursday, May 22, 2008

जिएंदा लाश मुर्दा आदमी ...!!

I have been absolutely and totally out of time for past several days due to increasing load of work, just didn't wanted to have a maiden quickly did one today..just before we call it a day.


Phani Tetali said...

Hi Aroop...I can understand what you mean by "being busy because of increasing workload". It's been the same with me for the past month :-(. I plan to make up for it soon. I need to take some inspiration from you on this.

aroop said...

he..he..he..i am actually contemplating of taking my office WACOM home with me..until i buy an INTUOS..
Oh did i mention i got a new Laptop a HCL P2802 and also bought Nikon telephoto 70-300mm Lens.. :)
thought i will update you.. he..he..

jesukiran said...

nice works aroop..

aroop said...

thanks Jesu..!!

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