Saturday, April 05, 2008

Sam an Me (cont..)

Sam and Me
The Slingshot


chandan bhattacharya said...

Hi Aroo...this series becoming better and better i'll suggest make a web comics based on these,please check out my blog for a tute on ps i 've put together for you.let me know how do you like
p.s:If the images are too small,i'll mail you the psd.

Phani Tetali said...

Hi Aroop..."Sam and Me" is turning out to be an interesting strip. The characters are already beginning to flesh out. I guess from here on, you will have to keep producing stuff that the strip grows. Good work, Aroop!

aroop said...

hey thanks a tonns..i am glad people are finding this series interesting, which is giving me enough motivation to go on with it

@Chandan Thanks for the tutorial did help me a lot in getting my fundamentals right..although i did realize that i have just explored the tip of the ice berg..thanks again.. :)

@ Phani Thanks for the means a lot to me..i will try to produce one cartoon everyday..but i am not sure for how long i will be able continue as things are starting to get really busy at work..but its worth a try..thanks

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