Thursday, April 10, 2008

1st Attempt with WACOM

I have lot to rant against WACOM touch start with, i really had trouble keeping my hand and eye co-ordination besides being a left hander i have a habit of keeping the paper perpendicular to my head (almost at 90 degrees)when i draw..which is like an insult to an injury.
As a matter of fact , i had been so scared of WACOM that even though i had one installed on my system for past one year, this is the first time i have actually used it. My forearms feel sore and eyes hurt but i figured one thing out at the end of the exercise..its was a mental block for me that was restraining me from using it other than anything when i look at the image..i feel content and elated, i think its all a matter of getting used to things and then they become a part of insticts.
So the next thing that i intend to do is to get really used to WACOM, lets see how it turns out.
Wish Me Luck..!!

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Anonymous said...

great...u r doing fine...just keep it up.if u r having trouble with the touch pad u can disable them.also u can orient your wacome left handly.more over you can program your wacom to flip image,+\- brush size and lot more.keep expolring....chandan

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