Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sam an Me (cont..)

Sam an Me
Bad Education


Jafar said...

Haha..wonderful stuff here...quite interesting, specially this "Sam and Me" series! Maybe you can color it all and get it printed as a comic...I'm sure it will look great! BTW, that "Kamsin Jawani..." post reminds me of an animated porn I watched few years back. It was downright hilarious and was named "Beauty and her Breasts" :O) Surprisingly the 2D animation in there looked much better than what we saw in Hanuman!

Be well!

aroop said...

thanks for leaving comment on my blog..i am glad that you enjoyed the Sam an me series..i am not really contemplating coloring it because i want it to have a Don Martin feel to it..just pencil lines ..
LOL..Kamsin Jawani reminded you of animated Porn "beauty and her breasts" LOLZ..was it hentai..eitherways..i wouldnt really mind the quality of animation in Hanuman..considering the film was made on a shoe string budget..and its heart was in the right place..Hanuman actually "Rocked me to the Core..!!"

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