Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sam an Me (cont..)

Episode 06
Sam and Me in the "Ladies Man"


chandan bhattacharya said...

hi aroo though sam is not posting comments i'm making him to go through your posts...thanks for all the comments you and kamal posted...send me a link tokamal's blog.and do carry on with sam's could be a comic book in the

Helterskelterrr said...

Thanx for droping by and leaving your comments. Love your work too! particularly the comic strip Sam and me. This latest post on Sam and me is quite a killer! Keep posting.

aroop said...

@Chandan "it could be a comic book in the making" yea well thats exactly the idea.. :D you can follow my blogroll and go to kamals blog or you can click on his name besides his comment and do the same..

thanks Helterskelter..i am glad you liked the series..there will be more coming up..its all actually autobiographical you see.. ;)

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