Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Blast from the Past : An ode to Ray and Jatayu

For Chandan & Deepa
if it wasnt for there continuous persistance ,that pushed me into a corner and then i finally gave in and watched an old Bengali film with them cause they really wanted me to, and the weekend that started off as just another weekend banter over a few bottles of beer turned into a life defining (a bit exaggerated) moment for me..eversince that day i have realised and understood how a clever and simple story contributes in making a good film and how thinking outside the box can do what millions of dollars cant..and that is.. make you cherish a film.

So here is to Stayajit Ray ,one of the most profound storyteller of our times and here is to Prodosh Mitter,Lal Mohan Ganguly ,Topshe ,Siddhu kaka and Haripada and Srinath..few people who still keep the child alive in me as i refuse to grow up.

illustration inspired from "Shonar Kella" a novel written by Ray in 1971

in color

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Anonymous said...

Hi aroo...cheers to feluda..jatayu and topshe...your work has improved a lot.keep up the good work...i'll post links to those tutes really soon.lol...chandan,deepa and bumboo

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