Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Of Blood , Sex and Severed Limb

C U at 9

Another sleeper, I don’t even recall the year of it release, I avoided watching it for as long as possible because there was nothing written about this film anywhere and neither did anyone spoke about it to me.. that left me perplexed, everytime I used to visit my local DVD rental store to rent out a film , while browsing through the album of films, this particular film used to turn up (very cleverly stacked under the category of Erotic Thriller with the likes of Basic Instinct, Sliver and almost all of Zalman Kings popular films) and yesterday, since there was nothing better to watch and I was actually looking for some popcorn entertainment, especially from which I cant expect anything.. out of curiosity I rented this one out.. i went back home, popped the DVD in ,took to my couch and allowed it to roll, well !! to tell you the truth, I was not very impressed with the start ,the introduction of characters but then as events proceeded, I was drawn.. not because of the screenplay, but because I realized that it heavily borrows from Takashi Miike ‘s Audition.. yes ( Jafar Bhai you heard that right)..All this time I was expecting and hoping and contemplating that one of these days I will get to see a Hollywood’s remake of Audition..not realizing that there was one that existed right under my nose all this while.. so, as I said earlier..I was drawn, because I can see what was coming and I was really curious that how will the get away with an audacious climax like that of Audition (it’s a Indian Film for crying out loud)..and boy oh boy, I was in for a big surprise, never again in my life will I underestimate a low budget Indie film done by a bunch of nobodies , because they have gone all out with a style although they could have done away with the excess hamming of Kim (Asami in Audition) towards the end and atleast not have her sing “kambakht ishq hai jo “ in a monologue.

The other thing which surprised me is how this film has pushed the envelop in terms of depiction of sex and violence ( I was finding it hard to believe, how a conservative censor like that of ours have agreed to pass few things in the film ) Severed limbs, decapitation ,mutilated corpse, sex and orgasm its all there. God bless the censor board and I hope they stay this way till eternity , providing more space to a film maker to express himself/herself creatively so that we can watch something beyond the regular masala that has been served to us until now.

The Film starts with multiple people receiving random phone calls from a wrong number ,the girls voice on the other side asks them to see her at 9,most of the people hang up expecting it to be a prank call, but our hero (Romeo) decides to play along and fixes up a place where those two can meet, what follows next is basically Audition meets Sisters (Brian de Palma), one thing that I immediately noticed was the quality of cinematography for a budget like that of this film, it was quite good, the grainy and bleached out texture of the film adds to the atmosphere.

Yes it is a flawed film and derivative one too ,it does go through the most common mistake a novice film maker commits ie not following the rule : Don’t use Dialogues to express things which can be visually understood by the audience. But those are minor quibbles, until you are looking for substance in a film otherwise the acting is better than average, Cinematography is top notch, Direction is pretty decent for a first timer.. the film is a labor of love, it’s a well executed piece of work, although it went un-noticed at the time of its release, I am sure this film will gain a cult status in the future , any given day I will prefer watching this film over a Dhoom2 or Jhoom Barabar Jhoom..

ps : IF You ARe Squimish and are easily offended by blood and gore..AVoId this film, its an exploitation cinema done right and it has a niche Audience ,these films are not for everybody's taste..so please dont take my write up at its face value and look at the images that i have posted..if you are in for it,go ahead watch it and enjoy


Gaurav Rana said...

For those who may not wanna see dead people but still wanna have some fun with sodomy and orgasm goto kink.com

Nice film review Aroop. May be we should watch this movie together on my next India visit :) After reading your review it sure will be on my todo list. Cheers! and keep writing!

aroop said...

lol...thanks Gaurav for the information..yea i shall look forward to your next trip.

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