Wednesday, June 27, 2007

शीवाजी की जय

Watching Sivaji is like watching a part of cinematic history unfold in front of you. .more than a couple of decades later, this will be a story you will be narrating to your grandchildren, its not just a film , its an event that acts like a template of time.. its like you telling someone “ummm…that’s the year I saw Sivaji, I must be 30(or what ever your age is) “, Shankar unlike his earlier works, has done what Kurasawa , Felini , Tarkavosky, Bergman are known for – telling a very simple story, in the simplest possible way, no timeline jumps no twist in tale sort of gimmicks..this film would have worked even without Rajni, with Rajini in it..its just becomes larger than life.. the best part that I really loved about this film was, it’s ability in not taking it self seriously and actually parodying for example there is a lot of reference to Rajini older releases (the most prominent and reoccurring one is reference to Chandramukhi ) the other example is a particular song which has been shot in a very retro style and where Rajini Does a take on various generation song and dance routine, his imitation of Akkineni Nageshwar Rao, NTR and Chirranjivi is spot on..and then there is a part where Rajini again parodies his Manik Badshah character..also there is a throwback at early 70’s romps, the drive in theater sequence ,with King Kong playing in the background.. you just cant help but notice the nudge nudge wink wink effect and smile.. the songs, are colorful, tastefully shot, but not humable..(but that’s how A.R.Rehman’s Songs are, aren’t they.. you don’t like them in the beginning, they just grow on you..), the action remains ordinary throughout (my main crib) up until the end and then ..what I got to see on screen was probably one of the most beautifully shot climax ever filmed in last 20-25 years, something that Michael Bay or John Woo shall be proud of.. Oh yes, in the middle of all this..there is a story too, a story of a NRI who comes back to his country aspiring to give something back to his motherland, but instead of redemption he finds retribution, corruption and beaurocracy,he tries to fight his way through the honest means,but gets evicted from his land and property, he fights back and almost succeeds until he gets convicted and send to prison .. how he overcomes all the obstacles and finally becomes the BOSS (Bachlore of Social Service)..thats what Shivaji is all about.
Although it’s a Rajini’s film, he has underplayed himself , which is a good thing as it’s a welcome change not watching him as the usually over the top protagonist with a signature dialogue( here he just says “cooool”..thats it..!!), Shreya looks good, acts well and cries even better, Vivek is his stereotyped self..his part just looked like an extension of his part from “ Aniyan”.. and Raghuvaran does good with French kissing another man- but not in a gay sort of way..
This is a perfect film to watch on a weekend and watch it in theater don’t bother if you don’t speak the language, cause it wont matter.. just watching Rajini’s entry in the film and the way half the theater cheers when he comes on screen for the first time in the film, it is enough to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and take notice ..
Watch this film!!

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kamal anjelo said...

good review buddy :) only a person like you could call that a french kiss :) lol

aroop said...

no seriously..i was drunk stupid(thats how i prefer to watch Rajini films) but i swear..i saw some toung action in there..

Jafar said...

Everything about that movie freaks me out

aroop said...

you a good way or a bad way.. :?

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