Friday, February 02, 2007

Leatherface rulezzz

I miss 80's campy slasher films looks like Hollywood have given up the idea of inventing any new legend like Mike Mayers(Halloween),Freddy Kruger(Nightmare on elm street),Jason vorhees(Friday the thirteenth)..and many more, however now a days all we get to see is sequels to these above films and no new genuine entry in this genre.. Well here is mine personal favorite Leatherface(Texes Chainsaw Messacre)..although i did took a few creative liberties but what the heck..!!

Just wanted to do something grotesque..nothing much..

I did a take on italian mafia some time earlier when my co-blogger and good friend Kamal_anjelo( suggested to do something about the composition..well!!thats why i did this one all over again..


kamal anjelo said...

i really like the new drawings...the chainsaw guy cameout nicely,his eyes canbe a bit more terrible,considering how dangerous he is!but thats just me.

the mafia group is hilarious,i dont have any crits on that.

keep drawing!

arungowtham said...

Great work aroop!!
Keep going the spirit!

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