Thursday, February 08, 2007

Heeeeeeerrrrsss Johny....!!

I did the Mafia's so i thought its time to do my take on Spheggettie Westerns..with of course a dash of local flavour..Masala Dosa and Samabar ishtyle..

Dis guy ish beeeg and eshtrong..but he ish getting beaten up..I likes thats..Kill the guy..spill some blood..Kill The guy..Spill Some Blood..HUKUHUKU..HUAHUA..jokes apart,now when i look back at it, i think there is a lot of Sunil Shetty(yea..the actor.)in this drawing, because every time he gets shot onscreen he spits all over the place.I think, for some reason,he feels the more the saliva = better the acting.

I wanted to color this but then decided against it..since it was looking too flat with colors..

This is Koyimoto..i am planning to model him in 3D..Lets see how it goes.

Was trying with another style of Drawing..this is close but still needs some refinements.


kamal anjelo said...

lot of improvement i see now in your works,i really like the bang-bang stuff.

what about putting a south indian charecter like kamee,in to the western or in mafia genre?that wouldbe sambhar

kamal anjelo said...

after you add the local flavour in the western i got this idea sure you will comeup with something more crazy...hehe

aroop said...

thanxx kamal..i liked the idea having Kamee on the blog..although i am not too sure about the mafia thing..i feel i had enough of it already..dont want to give a feeling that i work for AlCapone.

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