Thursday, January 25, 2007


Tried pulling off a Italian Mafia type of thing..couldnt resist putting a moll right next to our good ol' Don Corleone (which btw looks more like Martin Scorcese than Marlen Brando..but who cares.)


kamal anjelo said...

hehe...bombshell with Don.
composition could havebeen a bit closer.rightnow it looks a bit flat...for dynamic charecters like these :)

Indira said...

try colouring this one :O)

lostinarc said...

hey nice designs...keepit up..yeh do the rough coloring too..n yes am working on my website right now..may be next month i'll lunch....and the kind of work i have in missing those..aneble do any these kind of work....hehehe..u'll find more like cartoony stuf in my website...soory aroop..thanks for visiting my blog

Anonymous said...

your sketches are better now. hope you are donig well in life.

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