Friday, January 19, 2007

Elementery dear stallion..

Again did the whole thing in Photoshop Element(its still a WIP)..Do comment.


lostinarc said...

hi,yes i know that there is not much updates in my so busy with other devloping my 3d content for tv right now...from last 6 months there is no upadate i know..i cant help it friend..every time i thought i'll do some scribble n post it but...any way am naresh from hyderabad..i know siju n nishant but dont have any idea abut vikram ...and thank you very much for visiting my blog...and am not so good in drawing like siju or nishant..they r mastersss...thanks aroop..good luck ..yur live comic work i like those...bye

aroop said...

Thanxx Naresh..for visiting my blog..i hope you havent taken a offense when i took few names..i didnt meant to compare..there are a lot wonderful artist in the country but the style of your work resembled the people i talkd about..Its rare to come across work that is as good as yours..and when it does its such a turn on. Its such a pity that i being in Hyderabad for six years never got a chance to meet you in person..keep up the great work.

lostinarc said...

ohh no man ..i didn't mind anything...thanks to u that u r comparing me with those where r u working right now...keep in touch..good yur horse syudy..keep scribbling..

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